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Business Portfolio
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• JavaScript (ES6)
• React
• Three.js


• AWS (S3, CloudFront, Route53)
• Bitbucket
• Figma

Disruptive Thinking

A portfolio website with an interactive 3D gallery experience showing the possibilities of Web3.

At Upnup we created a website that is the first of its kind being a portfolio with web VR and 3D interactivity. Explore and walk around our homeroom to discover the services Upnup offer and the personality of each team member through their life-sized 3D figures. Open the door to the museum to discover all the projects undertaken by Upnup in a traditional museum viewing experience.

On a personal level, this project was a real challenge and a good one at that. Due to Web3 and the technologies used still being in their infant phases it has taught me how to better solve problems independently due to the lack of existing solutions and related projects. When you're early you have to set the bar yourself.


• 3D interactive experience available in VR
• Draggable 3D elements
• An engaging contact form

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Friedrich Gauss

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