Odyssey | Alma x Jack Irving

NFT Collection
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NFT Collection
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• Express.js
• Node.js


• Solidity
• Web3.js


• GCP (Compute Engine, Cloud Run)
• Bitbucket


• JavaScript (ES6)
• React
• Next.js

Odyssey is a journey into the depths of the oceans, and ourselves

The Odyssey Genesis NFT Collection marks the first in a series of collaborations between world-renowned fashion and installation art designer Jack Irving and Alma.

As the web developer, my role was to create the Odyssey collection website with a connection to an Ethereum smart contract to allow users to mint an NFT live from the site. The website was produced in 3 phases being pre-mint (promotion), mint (live NFT sale) and post-mint (secondary market).

The project itself was a large success selling out all 6000 tower NFTs and appearing in the top 5 projects worldwide on OpenSea. You can view the collection on OpenSea.

The project also received media and TV attention with the physical representations of the towers appearing on the Blackpool promenade (via Blackpool Illuminations) and appearing on the popular reality BBC show Strictly Come Dancing. You can see images of these below.

OpenSea Collection

Blackpool Illuminations

Originally hosted on:


• Metamask wallet connection
• Wallet checker (for users to check if they're on the allow-list)
• Ethereum smart contract connection
• Merkle tree verification for the allow-list and wait-list
• Switchable allow/wait-list
• Animated 3D tower on scroll
• Mint a tower using Ethereum and Metamask wallet
• Mint status check (active, not-active, ineligible wallet, already minted, etc.)

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